The UD ONEcard serves as your official identification while at the University of Delaware. In addition to serving as identification, the ONEcard controls access to residential & dining halls, libraries, recreational facilities and other University buildings and services.

Those requesting services will need to make an appointment through WaitWhile. New matriculated students, please visit the New Card page for more information about getting your ONEcard.

WARNING: Putting your ONEcard in contact with a wireless charger will break your card

Wireless charging uses magnetic induction to charge your phone. The ID Card Office strongly advises that you do not place anything (including your ONEcard) between your wireless-capable phone and the wireless charger.  The wireless charging process will damage your ONEcard.  Evidence of damage will be a distortion or bubble in the card where the internal chip is located, essentially overloading and damaging the chip.  The replacement cost for a damaged ONEcard is $10 and requires the damaged card to be surrendered to the ID Card Office. For more information, see our post on UDaily.

ONEcard Office

Student Services Building
30 Lovett Avenue
Newark, DE 19716
M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm
(302) 831-2273

Brandon Toole

ONEcard Supervisor
(302) 831-2077

Theresa Dutch-Tynan

Customer Service Representative
(302) 831-2273
First Issued ONEcard: No Charge
Damaged Card (Surrendered at time of Replacement): $10
Lost/Stolen Card: $25
Defective: Fee waived if card is determined to be defective without damage
Am I eligible for a ONEcard?
All enrolled students are eligible to obtain a University of Delaware ID Card. Eligibility for Faculty/Staff members is determined by their personnel class. Spouses of University Faculty and Staff are also eligible for a University ID card, provided the University-affiliated individual is eligible. For new Spouse Card Requests, please complete the linked form to confirm your eligibility and we’ll provide you with next steps.

Visiting scholars, temporary employees, special groups and other department associates may also be eligible for a ‘Department card’ upon request by their unit. These ‘Department’ cards may be requested by filling out the Department Card Request Form.

University community members must bring government-issued photo identification to the ID Card Office to obtain a new ID card.

What does the ONEcard do?
The identification card may be used to access such services and facilities as parking and fitness centers, student activities and voting, the dispensary and student health services, athletic facilities and events, dining meals and points, laundry, and copiers with UD1 FLEX.

The library and University Bookstore systems are interfaced to read the ONEcard. You can use your card to check books out of the library or pay for books at the bookstore (whether with FLEX or from a scholarship or student loan disbursement to your student account).

Eligibility for these applications is determined by cardholder classification (determined by the Office of the Registrar/Human Resources) and account balance.

When do I have my ONEcard made?
All eligible University students, faculty and staff are issued ID Cards through the ID Card Office, located in the Student Services Building.

  • New undergraduate students receive their ID Card at New Student Orientation.
  • New graduate students are eligible to receive their card once they are admitted and active in UDSIS.
  • Continuing Education students are eligible to receive their card at the start of the first semester in which they are enrolled.  CE cards are now printed with a picture.
  • Faculty and Staff obtain their cards at the ID Card Office after employee onboarding is completed.
  • Department cardholders can visit the office once their departmental contact has received email confirmation that the card request has been processed.
  • For new Spouse Card Requests, please complete the linked form to confirm your eligibility and we’ll provide you with next steps.
What do I do if I lose my ONEcard?
Cards that are lost or stolen can be replaced with proper identification. A replacement fee of $25 is charged. For students, this fee can be paid by Debit/Credit or a charge to the student’s account. For faculty/staff members and other members of the University community, the fee can be paid by Debit/Credit, or check via Cashier’s Office.

If a lost or stolen card is recovered before a replacement is issued, you may reactivate the card with proper identification at the Student Services Building.

Report your card lost/stolen/found.

How do I report my ONEcard lost/stolen?
Lost/stolen cards can be deactivated by reporting them lost/stolen. Once signed in; select Card Services and Deactivate Card. This action will prevent unauthorized use of your card. If your log-in information is not known, an email should be sent to to report the card as lost. For further assistance, you can call (302) 831-CARD (2273).
How does the ONEcard work?
A digitized image of the cardholder appears on the card, along with the cardholder’s name, UDID and classification. A half-inch encoded HICO magnetic stripe is read by the various system card readers on campus, retrieving the cardholder’s privileges, access and security.
What happens if my ONEcard doesn't work?
To obtain a replacement ID card for the damaged card, the cardholder must continue to meet the card eligibility criteria. You must surrender the damaged card at the time of issuing a new card.
How do I care for my ONEcard?
  • Don’t carry your card in your pants pockets unless it is in a wallet or some other type of protective case.
  • Don’t leave your ID card on your food tray. You might end up throwing it away.
  • Don’t wash your card.
  • Don’t store your card where it will touch other magnetic stripes.
  • Don’t store your card in your car, they will warp.
  • Don’t bend your card.
Can I punch a hole in my ONEcard?
Punching holes (for hanging, etc.), and burning (branding) are prohibited. These actions interfere with the electronic reading of the card and render them invalid.  This will damage the card and a fee will be assessed.
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